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Welcome to our Continuing Education Programs (CEP), by Shalom Bible & Technical College, which is the training arm of Give a Smile Today.  This is a structured practical Non-Formal Training keeping in pace with the changing trends in spiritual care. Successful participants will attain a Certificate of Mastery for each unit. Below are the programs/courses available which are available online 24/7 or to be availed onsite upon request:

A. Chaplaincy Training Path

1. Introduction to Chaplaincy

2. Introduction to Counseling Psychology

3. Christian Theology, World Religions and Cultural Diversity

4. Chaplaincy Ethics

5. Psychological Support and Mental Health

6. Human Development, Identity and Sexuality

7. Conflict Resolution and Mediation

8. Spiritual Formation

9. Communication Skills

10. Family Counsel

11. Occupational Health and Safety**

12. Ministry amidst afflictions

13. Group Dynamics, Social Thinking and Behavior

14. Chaplaincy Research (Research Paper/10 Verbatim/Integrated Paper)

15. Life Skills

16. Palliative Care

17. Christian Ordinances

18. Jail, Detention and Reintegration

19. Disaster and Emergency Response

20. Social Justice

21. Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

22. Loss and Grief

23. Emotional Intelligence

24. Social Thinking and Behaviour


B. Christian Counseling Training Path

1. Level I

2. Level 2

3. Level 3

D. Theology Training Path

a). Foundation:

1. OT Bible Survey

– Pentateuch

– Historical Books

– Prophetic Books

– Wisdom Books

2. N.T Bible Survey

– Gospels

– Acts

– Pauline Epistles

– General Epistles

– Revelation

2. Hermeneutics

3. Apologetics

4. Homiletics

5. Church History

b). Doctrines:

1. Theology/Christology (Doctrine of God/Doctrine of Jesus)

2.  Bibliology (Doctrine of Scripture)

3. Soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation)

4. Angelology and Demonology (Doctrine of Angels and Demons)

5. Ecclesiology (Doctrine of the Church)

6. Eschatology (Doctrine of Last Things)

7. Pneumetology (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit)

c) Ministry:

1. Christian Leadership

2. Evangelism

3. Christian Family

4. Missions

5.Pastoral Counseling

6. Praise and Worship

7.World Religions and Cults

8. Online Ministry and Computer Basics

9. Self Care

10. Church Management

11. Research & Writing

***Practical Projects***

Students have to do a practical project in either of the following areas before a certificate of Mastery can be issued:

1. Ministry

2. Worship

3. Service Project

4. Church and Society

5. Trauma Healing

Go to: Shalom Bible & Training College …….(e-Learning Link Coming Soon)

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